Latvian Song and Dance Festival

From wiki: The Latvian Song and Dance Festival (Latvian Vispārējie latviešu Dziesmu un Deju svētki) is one of the largest amateur choral events in the world and an important event in Latvian culture and social life. It is also a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The All-Latvian Song and Dance Festival have been held since 1873, normally every five years. During the festival’s exhibitions of photography, […]

Artisan Bread

I heard these two words together a lot! Have you!? Artisan bread…well?! Is it the look of the bread or the process how you make it or even the maker, that makes bread an artisan bread!? This one for sure is homemade! Artisan bread?! Not sure 🙂 Ilze

This year’s Christmas decorations

I shared an inspirational (it was for me!) blog post a few days ago with pictures of Christmas decorations from previous years. Now I want to share this year’s Christmas decorations. As you know I decorated two times this year! And I actually didn’t want to make a second “round”. I hope you are ready for the Christmas! Ilze

Making gingerbread cookie dough!

We spent some quality time together with girls in the kitchen. Nelle and Linna asked if they can make gingerbread cookie dough… and I said: “Why not! Go wash your hands and look for the apron!”. This time Hemī didn’t want to listen to me and didn’t followed our simple rules so she stayed with father and watched a movie. […]

Gingerbread Men Cookies (recipe)

Happy 3rd Advent to you all!! I believe this is the perfect recipe for gingerbread men cookies! It’s super easy to make and tastes better than store-bought, no doubt! So don’t just sit there… go and try this recipe! Latvian Gingerbread cookies should be very thin, that means your dough should be perfect to roll it out. If you add […]

Another Pair (wool socks)

Was surprised receiving this picture from my mom. She made another pair of wool socks. This time they aren’t that traditional. For the first time, I see she made a different toe! Interesting and I love it! These will be a birthday gift for an old lady. Nice! I almost started an Etsy shop early this week for my mom’s socks, but there […]

Hand knitted socks

Hand knitted socks are something our family love! All my girls have wool socks to wear in boots when going out in winter. When we have to wait until our central heating heats up the house, wool socks are just in time!  My mom makes all our wool socks! More than 20 pairs per year!!! Starting with socks that are more […]

First Sunday of Advent

Today is the First Sunday of Advent.  We lighted the first Advent candle and had time together. The word “Advent” is derived from the Latin word adventus, meaning “coming,”. The Advent season lasts for four Sundays leading to the celebration of Christmas.     In Latvia, we are celebrating “Christmas” on  Christmas Eve and Santa will come on Christmas Eve, not on Christmas morning! […]

Auseklītis / Early Morning Star

  I was surprised to find this die cut on the internet. For me, it is something so Latvian. It is not just a random pattern – it is Latvian symbol – Auseklītis! Auseklis (The Morning Star) Auseklis is the Morning Star (Venus). The symbol is one of many ancient cosmological and magical symbols used in Eastern European folk art and […]

Celebrating Latvia’s 99 Birthday

Someone made a big surprise and visited us on Latvia’s 99 birthday! Thank you, brother! We had a lovely time together. I made Anthill cake, cause it easy to make and don’t need an oven. I printed Latvia contour and assembled the cake to look like Latvia. Everyone liked it and it wasn’t that hard! Anthills cake is easy to form […]