Tagine / Tajine food

I’ve had such a short time together with my Tagine… Why? I loved it so much! I cooked in it twice a week (sometimes 4 days straight) but today.. today it has ended. Ended cause my Helmī (1 y 5 m) simply get it down from the table where I left it. I left it with the thought, that it […]

Eurasian treecreeper

Can you find the bird in the picture bellow? So small, so quick and likes to look under our old pine trees bark.  I think it is Eurasian treecreeper (oh, what a name!). I hope you find it! Never seen before. But maybe the reason is excellent camouflaging technic and teeny-weeny size of it! Nice, I had my camera with me! […]

Happy Mail Day #1

We are getting ready for our FFTTTTE (First Family Travel Trailer Trip Through Europe… I should change it to Trailer Trip!)… That includes buying some books for me and girls. I ordered few cook books for me and activity books & cards for girls from BookDepository.com in a case of rainy days or long drives! I hope there won’t be much rainy days […]

Surviving the day after a restless night

For me, it’s surviving… After the nights like this (and those mornings when you woke up at 5am and can’t fall asleep anymore) I defiantly don’t drink a coffee. Why? First things first. I got several panic attacks few month ago. That was my first time but my husband suffered from panic attacks 10 years ago (We are together a bit […]