Easter 2019

Yesterday I sat down with my girls and asked to make a menu for the Easter celebration. Well, I thought we will have a discussion and they will argue over ice cream or candy, but no, after 5 minutes we had THE menu for the Easter 2019. That will be something new we will do every Easter. Also, helping in […]

New page

It’s always hard for me to “break the ice” and start to write. I want to. I promise myself to share Linnas birthday, cause I didn’t share here 4th one… Didn’t happened! Well, a lot was happening… A lot! Loses, illnesses, financial problems, etc. Just name it! I’m glad everyone in my family is fine and it’s time to turn […]

Jigsaw Puzzle #8 Monte Rosa Dreaming

I forgot to share another 500 piece jigsaw puzzle! Since my friend DžīDžī is puzzling too we decide to swap puzzles.   This one is Monte Rosa Dreaming. I couldn’t resist saying something about this jigsaw puzzle: funny, how they used photoshop to make this place look better, but in the end, it looks terrible… All those small details they […]

Monday (a day after my name day)

As you know I do this blog for myself to remember and that is the reason why blog post titles sometimes are weird… Like today! This is lovely Monday already! Sipping coffee and puzzling my jigsaw puzzle! Girls are in kindergarten and I can have a quite & easy morning. Yesterday was a lovely time together with my family and […]

Helmī and apple

This was funny! Sometimes girls like to eat an apple, but sometimes not. When I buy apples – they seem to have registered in “apple hater club” and when there isn’t any at home, they ask for apples like “apple lovers”. Helmī loves apples all the time even saying she don’t when the older sisters open the apple hater club […]

School of Art on Tuesday

This year school of art is on Tuesdays. And the big news is that not only Nelle but also Linna is attending it! Linna loves school and showing good progress. She is in the same class as Nelle – 5-6 year-olds, she is 4 at the moment. This was the only class she din’t liked… It looks like she is […]

This year’s birds feeder

I can’t find the post about the previous bird feeder we had but it’s time to share the “new on”. I guess there won’t be such thing as “NEW” feeder in this household cause reduce, reuse, recycle… is something I like.   So, this year we have a lantern that was crashed buy wind in the middle of the summer […]

Jigsaw Puzzle #4 Latvia 100

Another Jigsaw Puzzle is DONE! Love this one! It’s made to celebrate Latvia’s 100! What can I tell about this puzzle? As you can see it’s covered with all kind of Latvian brooch – Sakata (in Latvian)! I didn’t rush myself to finish it over night or in two days. I enjoyed it, cause it was like several small puzzles […]

Photo Shoot On Location #1

This day has come I’ve been offered and I have to do a photo shoot on location. It’s not like I never did a photo shoot outside the studio! But I don’t know how to deal with stress that comes with the unknown place! I was there a few days ago, just to see where everything will take action. Actually, […]