Following the rabbit tracks!

Today we (me, my mother and kids) went outside for some fresh-air activities.  As Helmī was tired and grumpy we decide to put her in the baby stroller, pack here nice and tight and go for the walk. We went outside and the weather looked nice and sunny. But when we went around the corner the wind blowed us back… The wind was […]

I slept in!

  For the first time in 5 years – I slept in (I’m not sure about the right definition here… Overslept… Neah!) Let me explain. My dear mother is with us right now. I woke up at 10am. Some may say that it is not “slept in” if you have to get to work.. it’s overslept! Maybe. But I don’t have to get […]

Interview for a magazine

Today we gave an interview for the local magazine. Usually I’m not the one who likes to be in magazines. I simply don’t wanna be popular. (Be real, you can’t get popular by giving an interview in local magazine!). …all started at the end of November 2016 when someone wrote me in the Facebook by claiming that she is redactor in one […]

Surviving the day after a restless night

For me, it’s surviving… After the nights like this (and those mornings when you woke up at 5am and can’t fall asleep anymore) I defiantly don’t drink a coffee. Why? First things first. I got several panic attacks few month ago. That was my first time but my husband suffered from panic attacks 10 years ago (We are together a bit […]

Up till 5am

Sometimes being a mom means you have to be up at night and you can’t sleep in a day either. After 4 years of being mom, it’s getting harder and harder… But tell me why I couldn’t  fall asleep last night!? Girls were sleeping! All of them were!! No need for me till 7:40am… but I couldn’t fall asleep until 5am (last […]