Celebrating “Lačplēšu diena”

Yesterday we were in procession for the first time! I was surprised how many people were there. Also, girls liked that and I think that this will be our new way how to celebrate “Lāčplēšu diena”. I was so taken away by all the candle lights and was amazed by all the people! Ilze

Rainy days – walk

It’s been raining here in Latvia. I feel how changes our routine… time spend outside now is spend inside. Walks get shorted and fewer. I don’t like it! We all need to go outside and have a walk to be awake and in movement! Movement is life, health, and happiness. Life without movement stagnates and declines. It’s hard to push everyone out in such […]

Kitty Cat / Sunset

A small trip that made us smile. Made us happier, healthier and calmer. All cats need love – even old ones! A Lovely sunset at the end and all without crying went to bad. Summer, I love you! Ilze

Saturdays Bike Ride

If there is a sunny day we have a bike ride. And those sunny days are rare this summer here in Latvia. My mom visited us and we decide to go for a small bike ride before dinner. Girls asked for a picnic and that wasn’t a problem, as usual, I packed in few minutes. We were ready for the […]

Jāņi is coming

Jāņi is an annual Latvian festival celebrating the summer solstice. I know that solstice usually is on the  21 or 22 of June, but here in Latvia, we have public holidays on 23 June called “Līgo” and 24 June called “Jāņi”. I can’t imagine celebrating Jāņi in the city. It’s the celebration that requires a countryside. All starts with collecting flowers […]

I’m hurting myself

I was a young girl… I wanted to make career and the reason was my family was broken. My dad was an alcoholic and my mom tries to pay bills and feed us. It was an interesting time and experience in my life. I knew that I need a good education to have a well-payed job to be an independent. And […]

No way! Leidersbach

No way! After having a good time in Lich, we couldn’t head back home. It just didn’t feel right. We all felt like we need to travel a bit more…. just a bit more before we head back. We drive a bit down (away from Latvia) and stayed at a funny small city called Leidersbach. It’s funny cause there is one […]

Laundry Day & Playground

Did laundry without losing a sock …. today was a good day! It was an interesting experience. And I can say it’s something that takes all day. We bought our portable washing machine for camper and tried it already while at home. It didn’t work as planned but I guess my expectations was higher than right now. Cause today I […]

Having fun & walk in Berlin

Berlin. Oh. I am surprised! I can’t even describe my feeling. First of all – I haven’t been in a big city for a long long long time! These past 3 years living in the countryside made me country girl! Nelle met her godmother and we stayed with here. She tried to convince me to go out and have a drink in a restaurant. […]