700 km in the car with the kids

DAY 2 was …easy!? Our goal was to get through Poland in one day. It sounded unreal!  We are going slow (80 km/h – otherwise the caravan shakes the car) and Janis isn’t feeling good. We started from Alytus, Lithuania and ended in Łozina, Poland at 2 am! We can’t go any further – it was terrible for all of us […]

Foraging for Tea: Cowslip

Primula veris I love to forage for tea! When I was little we did it together with my grandmother – Agafija. I thought it was hard work. The basket was too big and flowers were too small or not enough. Yesterday I did it with my girls and their grandma (my mom) and suddenly I saw myself 30 years ago […]


Yesterday we packed first two suitcases for upcoming caravan trip… and packed two more bags for small get away to my hometown: Salacgriva. We decided to visit my mom and  “change the decorations”. About Salacgriva: It’s a small town located near Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea), close to Estonian border. See here. If you ask me – Salacgriva looks cleaner, nicer and […]

Easter bunny

This year my Easter bunny left sitting on the top of my vintage cupboard. This bunny is special. It was delivered to our home at the day when Linna was born. Why?! I don’t know. I was so carried away by the easter bunnies letter and all the activities for the girls, that decoration wasn’t #1 priority this year. We […]

Weekend: Family time

It was a wonderfull weekend with my beloved ones. My brother with his girlfriend came to spend some quality time with us & girls. My brother is our Nelle’s godfather. She adores him! We didn’t leave home all weekend. Stayed inside, chatting and chilling, playing and eating. Talked a lot and even tried to make a concept and logo of a […]

Wooden Cubes Pattern set

We bought set of wooden blocks for girls to play a few years ago. They still use them when playing with other wooden sets but not that much anymore. I don’t like throw away toys (nor other things!). That old set has cubes in it and now it’s time to use them again. Since Nelle (will be 5yo in May 2017) loved these […]

Who’s working and who’s having day off

Last two days are busy for me. My two bigger girls are having a day off from kindergarten. For them, it’s sleep til 9:30 am and having fun all day without napping! And going to bed at 11:30 pm.  For me, it’s a had time especially when it comes when I’m not prepared! And by prepared I meant everything else […]

Happy Mail Day #1

We are getting ready for our FFTTTTE (First Family Travel Trailer Trip Through Europe… I should change it to Trailer Trip!)… That includes buying some books for me and girls. I ordered few cook books for me and activity books & cards for girls from BookDepository.com in a case of rainy days or long drives! I hope there won’t be much rainy days […]