Salacgriva / Moms birthday party

We were in Salcgriva yesterday for my moms birthday party. She celebrated her 64th birthday and had dinner at home. Just all together: me & my family, brother with his and my mom. She doesn’t like to celebrate or make parties. We had my favorite kotletes (meatballs!? She knows how to make delicious, juicy meatballs for sure) for dinner with potatoes, […]

Visit: Team Riga vs Team Salacgriva

All three my girls are different. They have a different character, different attitude, and completely different wishes! All I wish is them be happy in the life! It’s easy to lose your “true self” at school, college and work. I’m still looking for myself right now! And I’m almost 35!!! I’m not afraid of that number 35! I’m afraid of not […]

Heavy Rain and Playground

  So.We were in Permaculture festival and it was so hot that we can’t stand the heat and also got worried about the health of our children. Spending whole day in the sun and heat isn’t good for Northen people/children. We decide to visit my brother & co in my home town Salacgriva. We left festival at 20:00 and we […]

A bit of the sun and the wind: Salacgriva

Today we had sunny weather here in Salacgriva. Still windy, but sunny! No rain! All the ground is soaking wet and muddy, so girls still need rain boots and the wind asks for warm fleece jackets, too. Baltic sea is 2 km away from us, so Janis took two bigger girls to the sea. To play in the sand. After a […]


Yesterday we packed first two suitcases for upcoming caravan trip… and packed two more bags for small get away to my hometown: Salacgriva. We decided to visit my mom and  “change the decorations”. About Salacgriva: It’s a small town located near Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea), close to Estonian border. See here. If you ask me – Salacgriva looks cleaner, nicer and […]