Craft space: Up or Down…the stairs!

(I don’t know why, but for the first time I wanted to start my blog post by saying…) Good morning, everyone! I hope you don’t have -20C outside or at least if you do have way too low below zero – you are warm inside or outside enjoying it! I spend two days taking card making stuff from upstairs, down to […]

Another shaker card!

OK. Do you remember our first shaker card!? I was inspired by Lana and her shaker card “Hello”! Nelle came home from kindergarten last Thursday and announced that her teacher is leaving on Friday! “She will have a baby and we have to make her shaker card!!!”… I paused… “It’s only a few hours till the bedtime, Nelle! Maybe we can […]

Max & Ruby Inspired Birthday Garland

As you know my daughters birthday party is coming up. I decide to make an easy printable Max & Ruby Garland while two of three were in the kindergarten. Why Max & Ruby? It’s this birthday’s theme. Helmī really loves Max & Ruby series. And we are watching them in English, cause there is no Latvian option but I also […]

Cousins 1st Birthday

We receive an invitation to our sibling’s cousins 1st Birthday! They have only one cousin and that’s from Janis side. His name is David and it’s Janis sister’s first child. They were celebrating the 1st week and 1st month and 6 months and so on and now it’s finally a first-year celebration. We were welcomed to a little pumpkin party […]

Sunny Walk

The kitchen is very important to me. I love to cook and bake and I love to drink tea in the kitchens arm chair. I made a decision to finish the kitchen. I didn’t have kitchen units, walls weren’t painted and I didn’t feel like home. And you probably know that this house doesn’t belong to us and we don’t know […]


As you know my latest passion is woodworking. I’m getting slowly into a new thing mainly because I have to care about kids and house and garden and… anything else. But in those free moments in between (Jodi, I thought about you!) I do what I’m excited about… And this time it’s woodworking! I got my new boards delivered today, so […]

A bit about our home and my allergy

Before I’m starting to share the photos of house repairing let’s explain the situation: I felt so sad and helpless after we returned home. My eyelid allergy is back and it showed up only spending 15 minutes in the house! And it’s not just me! Helmī had a runny nose every single day before we left for the caravanning. We are […]