Introducing: Cat Marley!

If you follow our family through my blog you might notice that about a month ago I start to think about cat adoption. You can find the blog post here. At the beginning, we wished for “she” and Janis wanted back and white… then… later on thinking about it again, we were ready to take care for “he” and gray, striped or whatever “she” or “he” would be!

What we were sure about was – not to buy but adopt a cat! Maybe we didn’t adopt it from the place where s/he were fighting for scraps. This cat is one of eleven cats that live in a neighbors barn. But still, we can give s/he a better life in long-term.

It was Friday when Lāsma called me and said – keep your fingers crossed – we will try to get ONE cat! That ONE cat was in our house a few minutes later. And we started a new page in our family story.

Introducing our new family member – cat Marley! We are six now! We still don’t know if it’s boy or girl, but we will find out later :).

Our cat Marley is starting to play with us. Still don’t allow to pet him/ her much, but I can do it while playing with her/him. Marley seems to like the food I give and she/he knows where is the litter box 🙂 I’m glad about that!

I thought I’m not the cat person… but I’m the only one playing with him/her. OK. Girls would love to play but they are a bit too “fast” for her/him.

Marley now is one of us! We love her/him!

Don’t buy, adopt!

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