DIY: Easy Potato Stamps

This is something I thought of when Linna wanted to help me in the kitchen. I was in the hurry so I needed her to be off the “helping”. I asked Linna to wash potatoes while I was looking around (still mess in my kitchen – haven’t finished it!) for cookie cutters. I was lucky! I found them just in time.


So, what you need:

  • potatoes
  • knife
  • cookie cutters
  • paper towel
  • ink, paint, etc
  • Paper/card blank/plane wrapping paper etc


How to make a potato stamp:

  1. Cut potato in half.
  2. Choose a cookie cutter you like & small enough to fit.
  3. Press the cookie cutter into the center of the potato. Leaving the cookie cutter in the potato, slice a thick slice around the cookie cutter.
  4. Remove the outer layer of potato and then the cookie cutter from the shape.
  5. Use a paper towel to remove excess moisture from the potato.
  6. Ink your potato stamp.
  7. Simply press your potato stamp down on the paper you want to decorate.


This kept my girls occupied for an hour!


They started to make their own play money.


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