Girls only

We are still in Salacgriva. Parked near my brother’s summer house. Janis left us (girls and caravan) here and go to Riga for usual “work from office” day. He is working from home but few days in a month he drives to the Riga to work in the office. We were just girls at home … More Girls only

Randu pļavas

Yesterday we were celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. We left our three girls to my mom for an hour and a halfĀ and had a walk in the Nature reserve Randu pļava.Ā The Randu pļavaĀ is a nature reserve covering the area of Vidzeme seaside from Ainazi till Kuivizi. The 200 ha area is home to approximately 600Ā Latvian … More Randu pļavas