Jigsaw puzzle #2

I found the pictures of another puzzle I did over weekend! So, actually, we started with 500 piece puzzle on Friday night and continue with two big 1000 piece puzzles. Three puzzles in total 🙂 Ilze

Jigsaw puzzle

All weekend I spent puzzling. I thought I had both puzzles captured before I put them back in boxes… but not. I have a lot to do so I tried not to think about it all weekend. Instead I put two 1000 pieces puzzles together… and for the first time in ages my weekend was … More Jigsaw puzzle

Marley and Tulips

I wanted to capture the beauty of tulips in an old enamel jug. This old enamel jug is from my grandma… It’s special! I did few shots and Marley jumped in. And I used it! What do you think!? Ilze

Jigsaw Puzzling

Yesterday Janis came back from Riga, work-related, and brought a big second-hand puzzle bunch which we bought on ebay.de! So, no doubt we opened the big box and started with 500-peace one.     This morning we finished it. Girls like jigsaw puzzles and me too! Ilze

Getting busy

Busy…. I don’t like being busy, busy, busy… It means my priorities aren’t set! If you are busy to do something … that’s is weak goal setting! Maybe it sounds hush but it’s true! Believe me! If I’m too busy to write a blog post then the blog post isn’t that important. Something else come across! … More Getting busy