I had problems in summer solstice 2018 and decide I can’t live like this and I need to change something. I’m famous for changing eating habits every 3 months… but it’s not about that. I have heard about KETO at the end of the year 2017, but then I was on my “sugar-free” journey and … More Keto

Best things about living in the countryside

Well, 4 and a half years ago, in the summer, we moved from capitalcity Riga to countryside 200 kilometers away. Sometimes it seems, that we changed “everything good and fun” to “there is no pubs, cinemas, theatres, cafes or restaurants…boring!”. But no, I LOVE living in the countryside! WHY? Local organic fresh food, garden and … More Best things about living in the countryside

Fun in the snow

This isn’t how it looks! I didn’t let them drive alone on Can-Am 🙂 But they had fun with S and his Can-Am through the snowy fields! Oh Boy, they didn’t want to get off! Ilze

The Christmas Tree

Finally I’m in the studio and ready to take down studio Christmas tree! My first Christmas photoshoot was in November, 3rd 2018 and last one few days ago. What can I say.. I need to take down “Christmas”! A bit too much 🙂 How about you!? Do you like Christmas time and when is the … More The Christmas Tree

Sunny Day!

Goodmorning. It looks like today will be sunny! I love snowy sunny days. I haven’t been outside walking for more than 2 months! Sounds crazy, but that is my life lately! I will go out for a walk today, cause I’m home and it’s sunny! Do you like walking? Ilze