Beautiful Autumn Evening

I had my walk a few days ago and I took my camera with me! First autumn frosts are here but I had lucky to capture the autumn colors just before it! This was a lovely autumn evening with the sun, clouds and yellow leaves. This is how Latvia looks in autumn. And I love it! Beautiful autumn colors: not only yellow leaves but also dark & gray clouds. Enjoy!

Last colorful evening before the first frost what came here in Latvia on 20/10/2017. Beautiful. This was captured on 19/10/2017.


43 thoughts on “Beautiful Autumn Evening

  1. Beautiful photos Ilze. No frost here yet but now I see where the question about where the leaves go comes from. Here, today is absolutely miserable, dull and constant rain. Of course, it’s school holiday! I’ll answer your other comment, with questions, a little later.

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      1. 🙂 If you ask me… well IF you ASK me… I don’t 🙂 But not because of looks but because of fact that I can’t do any major changes in it. But as a house “for now” it’s fine 🙂

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        1. You didn’t say it was ‘your’ house but I had a feeling it might be. I understand completely about not being able to make changes you want, but what a wonderful place to live. Of course in many ways it’s like the house in Romania which we would like to move to, though the one we have been looking at recently would need your DIY skills.

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      1. 🙂 Thank you! I have to tall that to Nelle! I know here and she would be surprised that she said that title :D. She’s always surprised when I start: “Do you remember, you told…” And she always goes “KoooO!? Ja?!” (“Whaaat?!?!? Realy!!?”)… 🙂


  2. Hi Ilze,
    I am always so amazed at how similar in appearance and climate Latvia is to where I live in Quebec. The leaves have just changed colour here too. We are having a milder October than usual but have had our first frost.

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