Frosty & Cold Morning

Brrr…. this was a surprise for all of us when we opened our eyes on Saturday morning and saw frost! Unexpected! Completely unexpected! The previous evening was beautiful and warm. I’m happy I was outside capturing all the beauty! Cause it was the last time this year we could enjoy the beautiful Latvian autumn colors.

Now all the leaves are on the ground and winter is coming. And if you ask me, I’m not ready for the temperature below zero! I have to continue with woodworking… with my DIY Kitchen! It’s not finished yet! If the weather is below zero… it’s too cold to work outside… Or I need a good boost!


25 thoughts on “Frosty & Cold Morning

  1. Lovely pictures again Ilze. Still dull and miserable here but forecast better tomorrow, then we are warned of “Arctic” conditions beginning on Saturday with not only frost but snow.


    1. Snow!? We have freezing cold 6C and no snow. But last year today – it was snowing & ground was wet and muddy. I love that below zero for one reason – no more mud!


      1. I’m not looking forward to it only because the road ‘over the tops’ (the moorland road) may not be sensible early in the morning so getting Petronela to school may mean going through the town – traffic, so longer.

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        1. Interesting. Do you have winter / summer tires. We have rules for that and must be changed from summer to winter (starting from 1st of October) before 1st of December. There are “all seasons tires” too, but they aren’t that good when winter comes with snow and ice. Do you know such thing as “black ice”?


        2. No reply option to your later ‘comment’ so replying here:
          Yes, we have black ice. Dangerous.
          We have no regulations about winter tyres in UK because usually we don’t have weather very often which merits fitting them. There are parts of the country where people may choose to fit them. The moorland roads, secondary roads, are often not cleared and if the snow is very deep winter tyres would not help.
          Basically we are not used to dealing with snow in the UK. It’s quite pathetic for anyone who has been for any time in eastern European companies in the summer.

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  2. I LOVE the picture of the frosted dandelion puff! Beautiful! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a frozen one. Here in the Midwest, we haven’t had a killing frost yet but I know it is coming. I will enjoy our fall weather as long as possible.

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    1. It is as beautiful and peaceful as nature can be. That is the reason why we are living in the countryside of Latvia! I don’t know the difference between a front yard and a back yard. This is our road to the house (front yard?!).

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          1. I live in Florida now.. originally from Maryland where we did have changing seasons .. not so much here .. I was reading about your diy kitchen.. I love that kind of stuff as you prob seen in my blogs.. but I’ll keep tuned into your diy kitchen to see progress

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            1. Oh thank you! I’m a bit jammed with my project 🙂 Can’t feel that crafty anymore. But that’s because of weather. It’s cold! Brr… you reminded me that I haven’t shared my progress on the kitchen! Oh my! I hope to share in few day time! Florida sounds like a dream to me 🙂

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