First Snow & First Time

Good morning everyone! Good morning Mother Nature!

The first snow is here! It doesn’t look like it stays for long. BUT the fact that snow is here – is registered here on my blog.


With the snow, our friends showed up for the first time this season. All girls staying home today and we will have breakfast in candlelight!

We are so happy about this lovely morning and our deer & does that visited us, finally!


27 thoughts on “First Snow & First Time

    1. Yup. My candle chandelier 😀 I guess I’ll add edison bulbs around it, cause now we don’t have lamp shade, just bulb in the kitchen (oh, this unfinished house!!!) looks terrible un near my beautiful rustic candle chandelier. P.S. I can do simple electricity wire installation too! 🙂


      1. I didn’t doubt it – the electrical installation I mean. We still have one light in the sitting room with only a bulb, after six years, and I added a shade to our bedroom one only about six months ago (the other bed/junk/guest room still has just a bulb 🤔😴🤢

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        1. All our – except bathroom are bulbs 🙂 Imagine that 😀 I’m used to it already and no window with curtains 😀 Also something I’m used to! Next house 0,8 – 1 km away 🙂

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        1. We live in the countryside, where roads are covered in mud and also our yard is in the mud. We have clay all around and that’s not good. water stays and doesn’t absorbs – making mud…. But let there be warm and muddy at your place and cold & frosty at my place. Deal? 🙂

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  1. Loved your sharing. Sounds like we are both having cold weather at this time. Hope you don’t have the terrible wind we are getting. Thanks to a cold front from Canada. I so enjoy it when our northern neighbors share their weather with us. NOT! Ha Ha!!

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    1. 🙂 We had wind for few days…. But now it’s getting “better”. But I better like below zero than mud… but it’s raining right now – so we will get mud 🙂


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