Welcome to my site: latvianmom.com! As you might already figured out… I’m from Latvia. Where is it? Take a look here.

Those who like hockey may heard about Latvia because of our famous hockey player Sandis Ozoliņš. No!? How about two-time Olympic BMX champion Maris Strombergs? No!? Then how about basketball player Kristaps Porziņģis! Still no? Then this is your lucky day! Why? Because you can find out more about Latvia here… Sort of…

Latvian mom is a blog (will be) written by Ilze (me) – new mom (new as a newbie…) of 3 girls: Nelle (4), Linna (2) and Helmī Saule (1). It makes me mom for 4 years! Those moms whose children are grown up will understand why I’m still calling myself a newbie mom.. Everything is yet to come: school, friends, teenage years … aaaaand let’s stop here… and live in the moment and let’s have fun and make memories right now!

Now we are living in a country side of Gulbene. Aaaaaand… we are planning our first (wohooo!) family travel trailer (caravan) trip through Europe! Let’s say it again: First Family Travel Trailer Trip Through Europe…FFTTTTE 🙂

Stick with latvian mom and see how I grow as a mom, as an amateur chef, as an amateur photographer, as an bird watcher, as a nature lover.. and much more… This is just a beginning.

A day in the life of a latvian mom! Go to blog roll!


P.S. My latvian blog, for those who speak or read latvian: laukumeitene.