First blog post this year


New Year’s Eve breakfast


It’s too early to speak about my plans, dreams, and goals for 2018! Tomorrow girls will be in kindergarten. They’ve been asking since Christmas! They got few weeks off.


Simple New Year’s Eve lunch with my loved ones 🙂


As a mom, I can say, that these three girls know how to make me tired..or is it me, who wants to spend time together with Nelle – making jewelry and learning numbers, Linna – mixing, cooking and baking in the kitchen and Helmī – just jumping like crazy and dancing. It was a great time together, but I had way too less time for me. And by the “me time” I mean time to think about my dreams and goals.

Sit down with the pen and paper… I once bought Filofax and was a big fan! I hope I’ll clear my mind soon… and know what I want for 2018. Cause every time I look at my kitchen I know – I can do whatever I want!

Wishing you all the best in 2018!!!




26 thoughts on “First blog post this year

  1. You can certainly do whatever you want Ilze. Your old ‘senior manager’ is coming out – plans, filofax indeed! 🤪 . You’ll get there for sure and have a lovely little family to ‘help’, despite the distraction. Marley, as s/he gets older will help – cats are very calming.

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  2. They are so beautiful!!! And YES you can! And don’t put pressure on yourself just because the calendar turned another page over to a new number. It is just another day in a wonderful life of moments you can create and cherish. Keep doing what you are doing, as you are doing GREAT! xo

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    1. Thank you, Jodi! In moments like this, when you encourage me I wish I read more books in english and can aswer beautifuly 🙂 But what ever words I put together – they are comming from my heart! I hope you feel that 🙂 I’m trying no to push myself… 🙂

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  3. Once the children are back at kindy you will have more time for contemplation. I have no doubt you will achieve whatever you set out to do. You’ve proven that time and again! The NYE brekkie looks yummy. The children are adorable. Happy musing! (Hope you excuse my Australian-isms. We are notorious for shortening long words and lengthening short words!)

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      1. Pleased you understand my ‘isms’! I am conscious that not everyone gets it. I count myself very fortunate to have glimpse of your life in Latvia through your blog. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!

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  4. Your girls are precious! Just enjoy your time with them, mine are young adults now and I will never have that time with them again. Although this is pretty great too! Once they get older and choose to spend time with you, instead of begin stuck with you, it is pretty special 🙂

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  5. When you have young children time slips by and soon they have flown the nest. I had 4 and worked full time shift work – now they are in their 30’s and you look back and think where did the time go. This year I have managed to scan all the old photos into the computer and converted the old VHS tapes to be read on a USB. I then sent off for small wooden boxes with each of their names on and gave them for Xmas presents showing their story from birth. It’s easier now with social media to record events but if I could go back in time I think I would do more to record memories.

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    1. How beautiful! I have tear in my eye! Already! This is reason why I’m having this blog and why I’m not working – to spend time with them! But sometimes “other things” I have to do (or at least I think I have to do) worn me out!


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