First blog post this year


New Year’s Eve breakfast


It’s too early to speak about my plans, dreams, and goals for 2018! Tomorrow girls will be in kindergarten. They’ve been asking since Christmas! They got few weeks off.


Simple New Year’s Eve lunch with my loved ones 🙂


As a mom, I can say, that these three girls know how to make me tired..or is it me, who wants to spend time together with Nelle – making jewelry and learning numbers, Linna – mixing, cooking and baking in the kitchen and Helmī – just jumping like crazy and dancing. It was a great time together, but I had way too less time for me. And by the “me time” I mean time to think about my dreams and goals.

Sit down with the pen and paper… I once bought Filofax and was a big fan! I hope I’ll clear my mind soon… and know what I want for 2018. Cause every time I look at my kitchen I know – I can do whatever I want!

Wishing you all the best in 2018!!!




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