First blog post this year

    It’s too early to speak about my plans, dreams, and goals for 2018! Tomorrow girls will be in kindergarten. They’ve been asking since Christmas! They got few weeks off.     As a mom, I can say, that these three girls know how to make me tired..or is it me, who wants to spend time together with Nelle […]

Nelles’ first Homework

Sunday evening…. I would say late night for the kid. It was 10pm. I opened her bag to put washed clothes in (usually they need a skirt for dance and a sportswear for sports lesson)… and Nelle grabs notebook with a surprised face and says: “OMG! I forgot to do the homework!!!”  Runs to her room and opens it… and starts […]

My Birthday Girl!!!!

Today is Helmī Saule’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe it! Oh, well I can believe it but still… 2 years! That’s serious! She’s not a baby anymore! She’s a girl! GIRL! This Monday she had her first one hour visit to the kindergarten. We had to play peek a boo to get her dressed. I had to peek through the window […]

First day of school in Latvia

The first day of school in Latvia was on 1st of September and it was Friday! Also, kids in kindergarten have a small celebration and some fun activities. My girls asked for flowers for teachers and I made few flower bouquets out of flowers we had in the garden. Like marigolds, mugwort, and asparagus. Who knew I can make flower bouquets […]