First day of school in Latvia

The first day of school in Latvia was on 1st of September and it was Friday! Also, kids in kindergarten have a small celebration and some fun activities.


My girls asked for flowers for teachers and I made few flower bouquets out of flowers we had in the garden. Like marigolds, mugwort, and asparagus.


Who knew I can make flower bouquets too…


For Nelle, it’s third and the last year in kindergarten.


And for Linna, it is the second year in kindergarten.


Helmī just woke up, Linna doesn’t like to be in pictures and Nelle is always ready!


But for Helmī it will be the first year. We decide to start kindergarten after she will turn two. It’s on 13th of September. Soon.


11 thoughts on “First day of school in Latvia

  1. Do your children go to many years of kindergarten ? Is it all day everyday. My boys went to what we call preschool before kindergarten and it was only 2-3 days a week for half a day. I think children AE starting earlier and earlier though.

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    1. They start when 1,5 yeras old and end 6-7 years old. BUT not in our family. We didn’t send them that early. Only after 2,5 and only if they want. And they want! We are staying home if ill or not wanting to go. But this year is the last year for Nelle and she should attend all days.

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        1. The same here. Our reason for sending then to kindergarden is that they don’t have friends at home. We are living in countryside with no children around. The kindergarden is for getting friends. They love it! And also play with different toys.

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    1. Thank you! I blushed! I don’t feel that talented. But since I started the blog it’s easy to see, that I can do a lot of things. It gives me the confidence to do more. I guess we all can do what we realy want 🙂

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