Sunny Walk

The kitchen is very important to me. I love to cook and bake and I love to drink tea in the kitchens arm chair.


I made a decision to finish the kitchen. I didn’t have kitchen units, walls weren’t painted and I didn’t feel like home. And you probably know that this house doesn’t belong to us and we don’t know for how long we can stay here.


I’m making the kitchen units and painting the walls and sometimes I need to go out for a walk, to think about it all. And to get the energy to continue. It’s not like you pay someone and everything is done by the due date or a few days later.


I’m not complaining, just saying I’m human, not perfect, but willing to do and to finish. Not know how, but not afraid to try! I enjoy my quality time with girls and walks in the sun! It inspires me to do big things! BIG indeed!

Be patient 🙂


8 thoughts on “Sunny Walk

  1. You are indeed doing a ‘great thing’ and, if it’s any help, I look forward to every post about your progress. It must be quite difficult not knowing how long you can live there. As always, lovely pictures of the girls. Without your posts today and a few other bloggers I follow ardently the trip across the North Sea would be very boring – the sea in completely calm. So I’m glad the internet is working better than when we came across in July (holiday season over so not so many people on the ship or on internet).

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    1. 🙂 Nice to hear! And if your really want good internet you should come and visit Latvia. We have mobile net pretty fast everywhere! We where surprised when drove in Germany! The net was terribly slow and mostly it wasn’t!


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