Sunday (mess from Sunday!)

Is it ok to talk about Sunday two days after it!?!

As you know my mom was there and helped me scrub and clean all the darkest corners and places in the house. I was dealing with the “girls made mess” on Saturday, but well, I did it! I could take care of all the house, pick up everything and put in places, clean all the flooring and deal with untidy beds after girls! All nice, when came back from choir show in Smiltene. We had a lovely time with Nora and Mario – celebrating my name day.We were up until 4AM.

Sunday. We started our morning at 10AM with the kitchen sink plumbing issues, that ended with broken pipe and flood! Well at 11AM I made breakfast for guests and family and sat down at 1 PM with a cup of coffee to chat with Nora and Mario.

We spend all day inside cause weather was terrible. I spend time in kitchen/dining chatting & cooking & chilling… after walking into the living room….. at 4PM I was shocked!


What a mess! The mess was made by girls!! I can’t even tell you it felt like all the pillows we have was on the floor and all the toys from her room were laying in the living room! Few dishes and glasses, cause they were playing picnic theme at the moment I walked in. Paper scraps everywhere. Felt pens without tops… I don’t even want to count… One big mess!

Jānis: ” I let them, they told, they will clean up!”

Today is Tuesday and it is still messy! Still not cleaned up! We run out of ideas how to deal with them! How to make kids clean all after playing!

Please! This time I’m asking for help! How to make kids clean after the play!? I feel miserable…. I’m dealing with this all the time, every day… Is it possible to teach kids to clean after play!? Or to put away clothes?

Thank you,



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