Mario & Nora visited us on Saturday after Nora had choir show in Smiltene. We had a lovely time chatting inside cause weather outside was rainy & windy!


Sunday morning I started with coffee and made Tuna tortilla wraps.

After that, there were chatting & chilling! I was too relaxed to look for my phone, so no “evidence pictures” of having a lovely time.

Later at 7pm Lauma visited me with a hyacinth, to talk about drawings we need in our project. The same here –  had a lovely talk – no pictures!


11 thoughts on “Sunday

    1. 🙂 Sometimes I wish I had photographer at home all the time! 🙂 Cause I’m the only one… I can’t have fun… otherwise there would be nothing to share! OK. there will be something to share, but not pictures! 😀

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    1. Oh, thank you! I’m just being me… and doing what I like – share! I wish recipe sharing was easier… I would love to share more recipes, but it takes time, since English isn’t my native 🙂

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