My girls’ Namedays

Here in Latvia, we have such thing as Name day. Imagine all the “Latvian” names (it’s not only Latvian, I would say common names in Latvia) are written in the calendar. What about those whose name isn’t written on the calendar. There is also one day (and that is May 22) when those who don’t have names written in the calendar […]


Mario & Nora visited us on Saturday after Nora had choir show in Smiltene. We had a lovely time chatting inside cause weather outside was rainy & windy! Sunday morning I started with coffee and made Tuna tortilla wraps. After that, there were chatting & chilling! I was too relaxed to look for my phone, so no “evidence pictures” of […]

Oh, what a surprise!

Yesterday we were in Smiltene & Valmiera. We went to the choir show to meet two friends – Mario and Nora. Mario is a friend of a youth day and Nora too! Nora was singing in the choir near to us so we can’t miss the opportunity to meet! After the show, we came to our place to celebrate and I was […]

Happy Name day… to me!

Since my mom was there we did all “preparation” for today! In Latvia, you don’t need to invite people to you name day – friends can visit you without invitations. But in real life – they would call to “greet” and you can suggest to “meet” ;). After all the cooking and house cleaning, mom and I were tired and […]


Receive a package from GrumpyTyke was a huge surprise as itself! Impatiently I cut and rip the package apart from the box… even bigger was my surprise seeing this: “Not to be opened until 27 JAN” OMG! Noooooo! I’m not good at this! Once I convince all my family to celebrate Christma Eve at 23rd of December! Yes, one day earlier! […]


Today is my name day. When I was a child I loved name days and always got a small present or flowers from my mom. When I started to work we celebrate “National day of Ilze” with the collages. There are lot’s of Ilze in Latvia (Jānis is even more popular!). A bit of a statistics: Resident population:1 968 957 women: 1 […]