Happy Name day… to me!

Since my mom was there we did all “preparation” for today! In Latvia, you don’t need to invite people to you name day – friends can visit you without invitations. But in real life – they would call to “greet” and you can suggest to “meet” ;). After all the cooking and house cleaning, mom and I were tired and had a coffee break.


Also, we were at Oskars (friends Liene’s bf) and Aivars (the one that cracked my back so well) birthday party! All family together, we were the only ones with the kids! Imagine – how old we are for THEM!

Nelle and Linna were so excited and jumped around, we even can’t get them in “the picture”. Helmī enjoyed “free food” and we all were at home at 2:30am.

Good Morning! Mother Nature knows how to treat me! Snow! Everything is white and like covered in wiped cream!


And I survived the challenge! Thank you GrumpyTyke for the present! Love it!

Time to get ready, cause we have plans for today!






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