This is huge!

After spending some quality time in my hometown with my family, Janis took the girls and they went back home… and I stayed on my own in a quiet, tidy and homie caravan! ONE MY OWN for three days (for 3 1/2 days)! Explanation: So, since I’m a mom, about 5 years and 11 months (almost 6 years already) I […]

Happy Name day… to me!

Since my mom was there we did all “preparation” for today! In Latvia, you don’t need to invite people to you name day – friends can visit you without invitations. But in real life – they would call to “greet” and you can suggest to “meet” ;). After all the cooking and house cleaning, mom and I were tired and […]

Happy Mail Day #7

What I got in the mail I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post? The best thing I could get after such a crazy&stressful  morning I had two days ago! Tea and cookies from my blogging friend GrumpyTyke! What a lovely box! Thank you!!! It was right on TIME! Really! How did you do that!? I had real Yorkshire tea with milk and Rich […]

Tea time… all the time!

Is there anyone else, who never tried black tea with milk before… or even black tea as itself didn’t fit in your everyday “cup of”!? And then one day, someone sends you a package with cookies and black tea (Thank you, grumpytyke) and you decide to try… and do it properly… with milk!!! I Did it! I tried black tea with milk! And […]

Coffee Break & Cookies

Coffee break is better than ever with these cups! After doing some chores I love to have time with a cup of coffee and few sugary treats. Usually, it was nosy time with much disturbance and in hurry but now since all the girls are in the kindergarten I can enjoy quiet time and without “goodie steelers” around. This time […]