This is huge!

After spending some quality time in my hometown with my family, Janis took the girls and they went back home… and I stayed on my own in a quiet, tidy and homie caravan! ONE MY OWN for three days (for 3 1/2 days)!

Explanation: So, since I’m a mom, about 5 years and 11 months (almost 6 years already) I haven’t had a vacation! For me, vacation is more like one day and one night! And… haven’t had even that :)… You might think that maybe the birth of other two girl in a hospital might be some kind of vocation… well, maybe, but not in this case, cause I had planned homebirth (all my girls are homebirth). Haven’t been just two of as the same period.


So… this is HUGE! I’m so relaxed and so happy to spend some time with me! Alone! In our homie caravan… that is parked next to our old summer home (my brother with his family is moving in right now).

Actually, this is an old news, cause tomorrow night my girls and Janis will be with me again! Miss them but also I loved the time I had! No rush, no cooking (thank you mom!!!!) and babysitting! Sunbathing, drinking coffee & chat with my mom, book reading and photographing!

Imagine that!




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