Relaxed and Grounded over the Holiday season!?

Yes! You can be grounded and relaxed over the holiday season! 7 years ago I become a wife to my wonderful husband and since that year I’ve been hosting Christmas party for the close family…. that is getting bigger and bigger! When we started 7 years ago there where 8 people: Me, Janis, Jani’s parents & my mom and Jani’s brother and sister and my brother…  now it’s more!

All these years I made this so complicated and crazy like… always ending up in shower only 15minutes before guests arrived!


This year I’m hosting. There will be 27 people (including us and also all the kids) but I am relaxed and grounded… how come?! Easy!

  1. Make it simple: This is the key! Simple. As simple as possible. Thinking about “another” decoration or repainting the wall just before… or washing curtains… bake layer cake with seen from “Frozen”… No – make it simple! This includes that sudden wish to “get into the dress”. No – buy one size bigger! It’s simple.
  2. Involve others:  So this year I don’t have to bake the cake, cook the dinner, make the salad and choose the vine. Why? Cause I involved others! That’s up to them if they want to make the food or buy it. At the end, we meet not because of food, but because we all want to spend some quality time together.
  3. Plan: Whatever you have to do – plan it! Make a list! Think about the whole party and write it down. Don’t save time on this one! It’s so important to be grounded when the season storm hit you!
  4. Get outside: Don’t forget to get outside! If you want to look good, not exhausted – you need to get fresh air and some movements. Whether it’s a hike, run, skiing, snowboarding or just a quick walk around the block, the fresh air can help you feel refreshed!
  5. Get into: Getting into Christmas spirit isn’t easy if you are stressed and exhausted. Always in hurry! Get into Christmas spirit! Go to the mirror and smile to yourself! It’s a miracle but takes “will” to do that. Listen to the Christmas music, lit the candle, etc. If you are a bit like a Grinch and you are tired of all that, help someone!


That is it! I hope you feel better knowing that there is something more (and you can get it!) then just a rush and stress in the Christmas!


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