DIY: Baking Corner

I’m so happy I’m gonna cry! I HAVE THE BAKING CORNER! And the best part – I made it! I made it from boards – few new and few old, few planed and few unplaned covered in splinters.  I did it and I’m proud! Indeed! I can’t express my satisfaction!


I had an old shelf and at first, I wanted to use it in the barn for some old stuff storage but then I saw potential in it! After all, we spend more than 3 years together as it looked – old and dirty! I use it for food storage. For my new kitchen, I decided to sand it. Only a bit, to get the dust, stains, and dirt of but to keep the old look.It looks good in my new baking corner!


It looks good in my new baking corner on top of the table with shelves I made! I haven’t oiled it and it’s not like I’m completely moved in BUT. I couldn’t wait a minute longer to share my joy and satisfaction with you readers!

How do you like it!?

Now it’s time to calm down and think how to make another table for sink and dishwasher :)…


P.S. And I need new oven mitts!!!!


44 thoughts on “DIY: Baking Corner

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’m a bit stuck & afraid to start the next project…. but I know I will 🙂 Just need to think about it for few days to be sure, that I make exactly what I need 🙂

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  1. LOVE IT! You did a fantastic job. I may have to invite you to the states to rework my kitchen.
    Now we just need some delicious baking recipes to get you started but, I’ll bet you have many already.
    Absolutely beautiful keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see your next project

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  2. I love looking at kitchens! You did a very nice job on your baking area! I was especially interested in your jars on the shelf……..are they old or new jars? Very interesting. I’m headed over to your “Recipe Section” now, to see what kind of things you make!

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