Kombucha. If you never heard of such thing – Kombucha can be described as ‘fermented tea’. Since the first time I’ve tasted kombucha I was interested to brew my own kombucha at home. Main reason – to know what’s inside and to make my own different flavors.


In order to make kombucha, you’ll need a kombucha mother, also known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast)…it took me more than a half year to find one here in Latvia and manage delivery! At the end, I found one at my home town Salacgriva and drove there to get it. It was pre-made in a 3-liter glass jar. I took it home and waited for 5 days to get my first glass of kombucha.


Nelle tried it and said that’ s better than the one we bought in the Germany. And the one in Germany was pretty good! But I love this one better too! OMG! There are so many options you can make! All you need is to grow extra SCOBY to experiment with.


So, to make kombucha, you’ll need a SCOBY, Black, green, or white tea, sugar, and water. Brew the tea, add the sugar, and let it cool. Pour the tea into a jar and add the SCOBY. Keep it in a safe place and wait for it to ferment.

Now I’m in the experimentation mode 🙂



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