Silly Owl!

Imagine that: Night. Dark and cloudy night. You are driving a car on one of the Latvia’s main roads that are not lit. There’s nothing around, just forests and meadows. You need to turn left on the smaller road that leads to our house. It’s not lit and it’s gravel road. You slow down and make a turn and then…


… you see a small owl sitting on the road in front of your car! That was littles owl happy moment. We managed to stop and I jumped out of the car to help the owl…. I had a camera with me and I slowly moved closer and closer. Took the picture and went back to the car to ask if Janis can take the owl away from the road. I’m afraid that if it stays there it’s his last night.

So… now we both approached little owl slowly and couldn’t think of the nicest way to get it off the road and where to put it. It’s not like you have to take wild birds home. It’s not good…. and… we were half of meter away ready to help…

The Little owl flew away! Happy me& Janis and I hope owl too! Looks like no problem with wings.


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