Word Challenge: V

I challenged myself to name the words starting with a certain number and then take a picture and share on the blog.  You can read about it here.

Burts V.png

So this is the first blog post in that challenge. I use Online random letter generator and the first random letter was V.

According to my challenge, I started to think about words starting with V. In Latvian language. I come up with more than 3 words – amazing 🙂

Words starting with letter V (in Latvian)

It took me 5 minutes to come up with the words and way more to find or take the pictures. Are you ready!?

Vāvere – Squirrel


Vasara – Summer


Vīgrieze  – Meadowsweet


Varde – Frog

IMG_20170826_230000_029So, was it easy to read those Latvian words!? Which one is your favorite (word/picture)!?



17 thoughts on “Word Challenge: V

  1. Just catching up after missing a few posts while travelling. What strikes me immediately is that two of the words are quite similar to Romanian:
    Squirrel – Veverită
    Summer – Vară
    Interesting that if you’d asked for English words beginning with S you might have got those.
    Frog is quite different – broască – and about meadowsweet I have no idea.
    Here are three English words beginning with V which Iike for you to have fun with: verdant, verisimilitude, voracious.

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