Word Challenge: K

I challenged myself to name the words starting with a certain number and then take a picture and share on the blog.  You can read about it here. I use Online random letter generator and the first random letter was K.

Words starting with letter K (in Latvian)

Kaķis – Cat


Koki – Trees


Krupis – Natterjack toad


Kāzas -Wedding


Kartupeļi – Potatoes


Was it easy to read those Latvian words!? Which one is your favorite (word/picture)!?

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11 thoughts on “Word Challenge: K

  1. I guess it must be ‘kakis’, though I may be influenced by the picture! (and I love cats). Again I’m struck by the similarity of one word to that in Romanian: kartupeli – cartofi. In English I love the peculiarities of many words beginiing with ‘k’ but which have no ‘k’ sound in the pronunciation, eg: know, knowledge, knitting, knight, knife, knee and even knickerbockers.

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