Digital Art

Ups and Downs, but in dark times comes bright ideas! Do you remember Marley? Dark times bring dark thoughts… Since I don’t know how to draw… paint… sketch. Played around in photoshop and made this: Instagram account: artfromthephoto Ilze

Marley and a Dog!!

Maybe I’m stressed, maybe just “softy”, but when I saw a neighbors dog chasing my cat in the deep snow I fell into panic!!! I saw that through a window and the next thing was, my Marley tried to escape by jumping on a firewood stack. But the dog pulled him down for a second. And by that time I […]

Jigsaw Puzzle #3 House of dreams

Remember, I bought myself a puzzle as a gift on my second year blogging in “a day in a life of a Latvian mom”. After the experience of Jigsaw Puzzle #2, this was EASY! What can I tell about this puzzle… It’s called “House of dreams”. I would love to wall inside this house or have a cup of coffee […]

First Snow!

This morning I woke up and immediately sat in my armchair. Opened up my laptop and checked if I don’t have something important to do. Girls woke up screaming: “Snow! Snow! Snow! It’s a snow on the car!”. What!? Really! Marley and I didn’t saw any snow from our favorite spot. This is how much snow we have now. Also, […]

Big Cat

I love this cat! I love how big he is! I asked if I can take a picture of him to show to my¬†followers. He didn’t say anything so I think he don’t mind ūüôā He is only two years old and he was rescued when he was 5 months old. Last summer he was lost for the whole month […]

Marley in a window

There are a few things that happened in the life of our Marley. First, at the end it’s boy. We are living in the countryside and Marley can easily¬†go out and have fun, but he never wants. Few times we took him out, while we are out and he hides under porch… So, one morning I sat down the breakfast […]


Our Cat Marley is getting friendlier and friendlier¬†every day!! And now as far as I can tell (I’m almost 35 and I never had a cat before and I don’t look under the tail of cats I met along the way) our cat Marley is SHE! Is Marley a girl name?! Cause our cat Marley got her name from Bob […]

Introducing: Cat Marley!

If you follow our family through my blog you might notice that about a month ago I start to think about cat adoption.¬†You can find the blog post here. At the beginning, we wished for “she” and Janis wanted back and white… then… later on thinking about it again, we were ready to take care for¬†“he” and gray, striped or […]

Word Challenge: K

I challenged¬†myself to name the words starting with a certain number and then take a picture and share on the blog. ¬†You can read about it here.¬†I use¬†Online random letter generator¬†and the first random letter was K. Words starting with letter K (in Latvian) Kań∑is – Cat Koki – Trees Krupis –¬†Natterjack toad KńĀzas -Wedding Kartupeńľi – Potatoes Was it […]

Kitty Cat / Sunset

A small trip that made us smile. Made us happier, healthier and calmer. All cats need love Рeven old ones! A Lovely sunset at the end and all without crying went to bad. Summer, I love you! Ilze