First Snow!

This morning I woke up and immediately sat in my armchair. Opened up my laptop and checked if I don’t have something important to do. Girls woke up screaming: “Snow! Snow! Snow! It’s a snow on the car!”.


What!? Really! Marley and I didn’t saw any snow from our favorite spot.

This is how much snow we have now. Also, it feels like it’s colder too – about -2C.


Girls and I are taking a day off. We need to clean the girls’ room and maybe make a few Christmas cards. Snow and Christmas fit together 🙂


15 thoughts on “First Snow!

      1. No, it’s raining. Horrible weather. About +5degC outside. There isn’t any snow even on the hills over the valley we see from the kitchen/bedroom window. But there has been recently; it didn’t stay long though.

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        1. Yes. Different things, fighting for my attention, crying a lot… cause no one will “give up”… I don’t know maybe it’s full moon or something. If you have any ideas – please share. I’ve tried spending day with one, while others are in kindergaten, so everyone gets my attention. But I can’t do it forever – I have stuido! Also, it didn’t helped…. 😦


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