Day off…

Yesterday girls & I had a “day off”. For me, it means more cooking and cleaning, but for girls – more fun! Well, this time I somehow manage without “big” cooking and did all the chores in 20 minutes cause I had something on my mind!


As you can see, I get my energy from Lumie 🙂

I wish I had Chrismas themed but this one with 1000 pieces took me into another dimension! Girls tried to help and give up after few minutes! And I understand, I’m not the one that gives up, but girls aren’t 36, right! Look on the puzzle, it’s not for 3- 6 years old girls! Right?

Completely out of Keto…who cares 🙂

Well, so I had all the pleasure. I started with coffee after breakfast and ended with coffee and cake at 8pm… Still not finished but I wish I had time to continue today… will see! I won’t give up… this is not me 🙂




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