Jigsaw Puzzle #4

Finished. Unfinished.     

This is what you get for buying used puzzles, but I don’t mind 🙂

It’s already stored back in the box. I puzzling and how the design is starting to show up but after finishing I “destroy” it and put back in a box without a problem. I know friends who can’t destroy puzzle after it’s finished.

How about you!?


15 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle #4

  1. I’ve never been a great puzzler but my mum was, often making them of several ‘000 pieces. The more difficult they were the more she enjoyed them.She perhaps left them completed for a short time others to see, including me, then back in the box. That one you did clearly was nit easy with so many pieces similar.

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    1. You know I’m doing another one. It’s pitty we don’t have cheap used puzzles! I haven’t tried more than 1000… Don’t know why but I start to think that 500 would be just enough to be in “comfort zone” and stay”exited”.

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    1. It’s easy if you are buying used puzzles 🙂 Cause, you know it’s no there and it’s not your fault. If this puzzle would be new it would be annoying – YES!


  2. It’s a beautiful picture, you could frame it!! I used to do jigsaws withe my mom and dad when they got older, it kept them busy. We started out with 1000 then went down to 500 and 300 as they got older. Before we moved my mom to assisted living she could just barely pick out the flat edges…now they have them doing 12 pieces and huge, but she can do it, a sense of accomplishment and she enjoys it❤️


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