Marley and a Dog!!

Maybe I’m stressed, maybe just “softy”, but when I saw a neighbors dog chasing my cat in the deep snow I fell into panic!!!

I saw that through a window and the next thing was, my Marley tried to escape by jumping on a firewood stack. But the dog pulled him down for a second. And by that time I was out and ready to rescue my poor lovely Marley.


But Marley did it by himself! I find him scared and heavily breathing! Took inside and…



9 thoughts on “Marley and a Dog!!

    1. Marley was but Nelle wasn’t. Just found out that she took Marley from safe distance and tried to brought inside the house, but dog was in way. So marley jump out and… You know the rest. Nelle felt guilty and really worried! But she is only 6 and thought that if the Lora (the dog) is our friend it is Marleys as well..

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