Marley in a window

There are a few things that happened in the life of our Marley. First, at the end it’s boy. We are living in the countryside and Marley can easilyย go out and have fun, but he never wants. Few times we took him out, while we are out and he hides under porch…

Marley I

So, one morning I sat down the breakfast table and realize that something isn’t quite right! Where is Marley!? Why he isn’t moving while I made breakfast, why he wasn’t sleeping on my feet at night? I started to worry…of course! Where is he?!

OGM! That night it was so hot inside that I completely opened the window (in the first story / ground or whatever the name) for 5ย  minutes!!! I run outside and start to call for him! He didn’t show up! I looked at theย windowsill from outside and there wasn’t exact footprint but was fighting stripes! Poor kitten! Where is he?!

I run outside aย few times later on and at 5pm our Marley showed up! And guess what!? He was picky about food! ๐Ÿ™‚ Our Marley!


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