Good morning ants!

I woke up cause Linna was crying. She is grumpy all the time, we really enjoy those few moments when she is laughing or smiling. Coming with a happy face and saying that love us! This time she didn’t want to go to kindergarten cause Nelle stays alone at home… Somehow we manage to deal with that and she (and Helmī) went to kindergarten.

The reason for kindergarten is simple: have no time to deal with them at home, need to finish business plan and deliver next Tuesday!


Nelle woke up crying… and the reason was – she didn’t meet sisters and didn’t kiss goodbye! WHAT? She slept all days till 11am and didn’t give goodbye kiss at all… SO, the reason for all the drama was the ants, that are stealing Nelles apple. She left it there to eat this morning, woke up and straight from bed came into the kitchen and started to cry…

I said I kind of love how it looks in the picture… and she responded that it’s not beautiful… at all! Too much nature in our kitchen this morning, I guess!

Nelles temperature is down but the still can’t hear with on ear.




13 thoughts on “Good morning ants!

  1. Have you tried putting a little warm vegetable oil in the ear. If it’s hard wax it can help; anyway, won’t do any harm. Great that temp is now down.
    I love these insights into the lives of your girls – eg upset because she didn’t kiss her sisters goodbye.
    As for the ants, don’t know what to suggest. Personally I wouldn’t want to kill them but have no idea how to keep them out of the house.

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