Nelle….still ill!

Nelle is still ill: Yesterday was promising… until 6pm! After 6pm Nelle got the temperature high up in no time! From 37.2C to 39.8C (103.64 F) in just 40 minutes! We called family doctor and she suggested to take pills to get the temperature down and said: “.. if it won’t come down in 40 minutes  – call the ambulance!”.

Yesterday’s breakfast: Leftover rice with scrambled egg, sliced avocado, and tomato.

I was scared, I’ve cried (mostly because my nerves isn’t strong anymore), I’ve asked Janis to sleep next to here, to be sure it’s getting better!

After 40 minutes she asked for food… Food?! The temperature was 38.8 C at that point – still high! She ate mashed potatoes and asked for sausage (I don’t know if it’s good or bad to put sausage in the system while having a high temperature – I know that liquid and Vitamin C is all we need, but..) and I gave her.

She was so happy eating into the living room while watching My Little Pony. She drank a whole glass of water and started to order Helmī and Linna around!

I’m happy it ended like that yesterday… but today I’m afraid nothing is better in general. Yes, there isn’t a high temperature but there are problems with ears! The hearing isn’t back, yet!

I know these aren’t inspiring news (but that is what is going on “a day in the life of a Latvian mom”), but still, I will keep you updated,



23 thoughts on “Nelle….still ill!

        1. Good to know that there are other people against them! Cause we have “local antibiotics” for everything! Hate that, don’t use them! If you have any suggestions on “natural” medicine for ear problems – let me know!


  1. We hold off as long as possible from antibiotics now, in the US, but if she’s not getting better, you might not have a choice.
    It’s not easy being a parent of a sick child…sending you and Nelle healing thoughts and prayers🙏💗

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