Perfect dress for me

Six years ago I was so unhappy! The reason was – I ordered the dress that looked so good in the internet shop. Read the review and it said, that I need to order one size bigger. I was UK 12 at the time and I ordered UK 14 but somehow it came UK16! It was too big!

Offtopic: here in Latvia if you are buying in or or other not Latvian sites it’s not cheap to turn things back, so I never turn anything I don’t like/doesn’t fit, etc. Don’t have such option.


Now, six years later it’s fit perfectly and I love it! Removed the tag (finally!!) with such a satisfaction! Finally, the dress fits me! Crazy, right? How can a woman be happy being UK16 after being UK 12?!

I know that my worth is not defined by a number 🙂


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