I might be back…

So… It was long 16 days away from blogging! It feels like I need to write a long blog post about it… but wait… I was away only 16 days!

Not much to write about, since my “staying home mom” was interrupted by Bussines Plan. My first and only Bussiness Plan ever! Followed by a lot of numbers and calculations.

Today I started my day with rum… yes RUM! Not RUN … as I might one day! The reason? No reason, just all together! Bussines Plan, house as a mess, junk food for few days as the only option since I had no time to cook and finally Nelle is ill…

Week old picture… that coffee was good!

… and this time 39.2 C was the highest point. She can’t hear with one ear and the other one is hurting!!!! Visited a family doctor and she said that we need to wait, nothing terrible, just might be flu or virus… just wait?! WAIT!!?!?! WAIT!?? But how can a mom wait!? WAIT for what?! Until she looses hearing completely!?!

After talking to Janis, I promise to wait for ONE day…and made rum & cola at 10:45am… Am I an alcoholic!? Don’t think so, this was my first time ever! I never had spirit/alcohol/vine that early! Just too much on my plate…

My business plan is almost finished and I feel like I want to share a few pictures from Linnas birthday, Easter, etc.. but that later on (I hope!)

If I don’t show up – Nelle or Bussines Plan!

Take care,



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