I might be back…

So… It was long 16 days away from blogging! It feels like I need to write a long blog post about it… but wait… I was away only 16 days!

Not much to write about, since my “staying home mom” was interrupted by Bussines Plan. My first and only Bussiness Plan ever! Followed by a lot of numbers and calculations.

Today I started my day with rum… yes RUM! Not RUN … as I might one day! The reason? No reason, just all together! Bussines Plan, house as a mess, junk food for few days as the only option since I had no time to cook and finally Nelle is ill…

Week old picture… that coffee was good!

… and this time 39.2 C was the highest point. She can’t hear with one ear and the other one is hurting!!!! Visited a family doctor and she said that we need to wait, nothing terrible, just might be flu or virus… just wait?! WAIT!!?!?! WAIT!?? But how can a mom wait!? WAIT for what?! Until she looses hearing completely!?!

After talking to Janis, I promise to wait for ONE day…and made rum & cola at 10:45am… Am I an alcoholic!? Don’t think so, this was my first time ever! I never had spirit/alcohol/vine that early! Just too much on my plate…

My business plan is almost finished and I feel like I want to share a few pictures from Linnas birthday, Easter, etc.. but that later on (I hope!)

If I don’t show up – Nelle or Bussines Plan!

Take care,



23 thoughts on “I might be back…

    1. Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot to me right now, cause it’s still 8 hours to go, till we visit (or not) the family doctor again! I hope it will get better – not worse! Thank you!


  1. It’s always so difficult to stand by and wait. As mom’s we want to be able to fix all their pains but often it is just time that’s needed. Hoping you learn patience as well as perseverance. Hang in there kiddo Nelle is a tough little girl, just like her mama. So good to see you’re back.

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    1. She wasn’t ok. HAd 39.9C and we called the family doctor again. Took ibumetin and now sleeping without high temperature. BUT. Sill has to deal with ears.


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