Sunny Sunday Walk

It was sunny and summery weather here in Latvia today! +19C! Most of the summer days are +19C (OK, OK, just 1/4 of all summer days are +19C) here in Latvia.

Since we experienced such a lovely weather I put away my computer and Bussines Plan and go for the walk! We didn’t walk much since we have three little ones with tiny feet and good long-lasting complaining ability…


Anyway, we walked to the “old railway” and back (about 1,4km) and that was way too much for me! I’m not complaining-proof anymore. I think that 4 years old and 5 years old should understand why we are walking, how long we will walk, water is in the bottle and toilet is either at home or in the bushes! If you didn’t take your sunglasses – stop complaining, live with it! Helmī, who is only 2 didn’t complain at all, gave me hand and walked all the way forth and back!

So, this is how I spend MY sunny day :)! How about you!?



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