Business Plan…What a day!

It was a crazy day! I finished my Bussiness plan – that is GOOD news! Nelle will have a doctor appointment tomorrow – she isn’t having temperature and feeling good! Jumping around, having fun in the sun – today we had 20C (that is hot for spring here in Latvia)!


Now… I use my Canon Pixma printer almost every day. I know all the tricks and tips and had my drawer full of ink cartridges. Paper?! Never a problem! So.. today is the day when I was ready to print my business plan. And guess what?! The printer just broke down!!! Come on!

Yes. That was for real! To imagine how stressed I felt a bit insight into Latvian countryside! Closest Canon service 200km away, won’t do anything overnight! Also, have no printing shop in Gulbene. Have polygraphy center, but the price is “amazing”! New printer? Run to the closest shop to buy a new printer – can’t find any that can use cartridges I have! Well, buy that point I started stress eating!

Sometimes I miss easy solutions that we had in Riga! But now, living near Gulbene I’m always prepared… I mean ink cartridges, paper! Sadly not if printer broke down.

Sitting in the living room – completely exhausted with a headache and  Business Plan printed in two copies, like “they” asked…

It proved I have bad nerves. Have to do something about it! But what! I’m against antidepressants!

I need rest, but how “normal” people manage that with three kids at home?!


P.S.Bussines Plan as itself wasn’t a problem! This is my first business plan ever, but the consultant told me that I’m writing it like a PRO!

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