Cold, Windy but Lovely!

Yesterday, I submitted my Business Plan and had a little party at home :). Actually, it was because of Ronalds (Helmī godfather) who came to us from Germany!

Today we used Ronalds as a personal driver and went to Gulbene for a walk.. or so we thought! The weather was so cold and windy and terrible, that the only one who wanted to walk was Nelle (Linna and Helmī was in kindergarten and Janis working at home), but since she isn’t OK yet, I didn’t allow long walks outside. She still has a problem with ear… but should be better after 3-4 weeks.


We had a lovely time in the second-hand shop that sells furniture and some good old plates and glasses.


After that, we took extra large four cheese pizza…


… went to the library and bought books in a bookstore. And then went to the flower shop to bough few flowers to plant in pots on the porch. And then I realize that we can pick up the kids from kindergarten! And so we did!

We left home at 11:30am and was back at 5pm!

Do you know the name of flowers?



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