When apple trees bloom

When apple trees bloom I feel summer is near! It’s getting warmer and warmer and the grass is growing inch per day! Apple trees are in bloom now in Latvia! This year orchard looks like a blanket of light pink flowers full of bees and other insects. Still a lot of dandelions 🙂 But I spent a bit of a […]

Preparing for a party: Rhubarb

Rhubarbs! Normally in Latvia, all country houses have one big rhubarb growing next to barn or in the garden. But not this old house! There is small rhubarb here but it doesn’t like to grow in this soil. But the best part in all this is, that Lāsma (neighbor about one and a half kilometer away from us) came with […]

Grandma’s house

My grandmother Agafia died in the year 2004. Unfortunately, I can’t share a picture of here with you at the moment. I think when I’ll get back home I will find Agafia’s picture and will write a special blog post about her… But for now, I can share a most peaceful place on earth – my childhood memories, my grandmother’s house. Our caravan is […]

White Swans: Mute swans

Till today I thought there are only one species os swans… well not true! There are three different species in Latvia. These ones (below in the picture) are Mute swans (Cygnus olor). These two are in the pond next to our grandmother’s house. Beautiful birds. And so big! I had the chance to see them very close the other day […]

First picnic this year

This year’s first picnic was yesterday! It was windy and not at all sunny, cold and terrible… but I love nature and how it gives us energy! Our picnics are spontaneous, quick, environment-friendly, almost sugar-free and short. I don’t cook for hours and we don’t enjoy sitting in a picnic spot for hours. Also, I’m not sure if we ever […]

Cold, Windy but Lovely!

Yesterday, I submitted my Business Plan and had a little party at home :). Actually, it was because of Ronalds (HelmÄ« godfather) who came to us from Germany! Today we used Ronalds as a personal driver and went to Gulbene for a walk.. or so we thought! The weather was so cold and windy and terrible, that the only one who […]

Wood Anemone (Anemone nemorosa)

Finally, I stepped out to see what’s blooming around our house. We don’t have flower beds (ok, one small with daffodils) so all the beauty is from wildflowers. Like these ones… … I called my mom to ask the name. I know there are such flowers white and yellow (we had them in my grandma’s orchard) but I never knew […]

How to Pack for a Picnic in 5 Minutes

A spontaneous picnic is the one I’m talking about. Can you pack for such picnic in 5 minutes? All you need is quick, free from cooking, cutting and mixing lunch box ideas! Grab and go! Usually, we have our picnic in the nearest forest (only 10 km away from home & people) that belongs to Latvian State Forests. They restore forests and sometimes […]


I was surprised to saw tiny daffodils growing in my flower bed… they weren’t there last spring! I stood there for a while and enjoyed this unexpected beauty! And suddenly I remembered – I plant them last Easter! I had them for the Easter decoration and later I didn’t throw them away – I planted them! And they survived. They are […]