How to Pack for a Picnic in 5 Minutes

A spontaneous picnic is the one I’m talking about. Can you pack for such picnic in 5 minutes? All you need is quick, free from cooking, cutting and mixing lunch box ideas! Grab and go!

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Usually, we have our picnic in the nearest forest (only 10 km away from home & people) that belongs to Latvian State Forests. They restore forests and sometimes make small picnic places – with one table and bench.


How to pack for a spontaneous picnic in just 5 minutes? Easy!

Rule nr. 1: Don’t prepare your food at home. Kids will have more fun jumping around in the picnic spot, than wait for you while you do all the preparation in the kitchen.

Rule nr. 2: Have veggies and fruits at home. We always have veggies and fruits. And you don’t need to have loads of them. For veggies: carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and for fruits: apples, pears or any other fruit will do. If I’m in super speed I cut them at home. If not remember to take a knife and a cutting board with you.


Rule nr 3: Have nuts and seeds at home. Best grab and go food that is full of good fats. We buy them bulk and store in the fridge.

Rule nr 4: Don’t forget water!

Rule nr 5: Look in the fridge (cheese, yogurt, sandwich meat, etc) or cookie jar: what else you can grab?


Our girl’s favorite picnic foods are:

  • carrots
  • cucumbers
  • cheese sticks
  • apples
  • bananas
  • nuts
  • yogurt or kefir
  • water
  • crackers, rice cakes or cookies

And you have a picnic that took only a quick 5-minutes to put together. Enjoy!



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