Coltsfoot is blooming

A few weeks ago we went for a longer walk with all our girls (Nelle, Linna, and Helmī Saule). It’s not easy for us to went for a longer walk. Nelle doesn’t like walking, she likes to go with a balance bike. Also, if Nelle has a balance bike, Linna wants it too. But she is slower with the balance bike. Linna walks faster than drives balance bike. She got her balance bike on here 3rd birthday in march. Helmī still likes in a baby stroller, so no problem with here.


We decide to go for a longer walk to see if the coltsfoot is blooming.

It was a sunny day and we wanted to collect coltsfoot for a tea.


And after a long, long…. long walk we finally were there. And we were lucky! The coltsfoot was blooming! It was full of the bees and flies.


Since the Helmī was sleeping in the stroller we could pick up coltsfoot flowers and won’t worry about bees. Helmī is 1,5 year old and she still doesn’t understand that bees can sting.

And we have a bit of coltsfoot herbal tea for winter. Coltsfoot plants are useful in treating respiratory problems like asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, colds and coughs.


9 thoughts on “Coltsfoot is blooming

  1. Hi Ilze. I was intrigued by your post on Coltsfoot as I haven’t heard that name for years. I wondered if Coltsfoot and Cleats are the same thing. I looked it up and yes they are! Just yesterday, My Mum and are were walking and we saw Coltsfoot (cleats) and both said together “Cleats are out”. We remember picking them in the early spring for my Great aunt. She said she used them to make a tonic?? I was told much later that she made cleat wine!! 😉 …and I always thought she was so straight laced! 😉
    Linda. Lou’s Blooms

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    1. I double checked and yes – that is the same plant :). Cleat wine!? Interesting! I know that people make wine out of dandelions! 🙂 We collect the flowers and make tea in winter if we have cough. Nice that you shared the “new” name of coltsfoot 🙂

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