Finally we are in my home town. Its been a wile. We are happy to meet my family and great new baby boy in my brothers family. Now girls have three cousins – boys! As usully we spent time at the seaside. Sea? Its actually the Gulf of Riga… But I call it “sea” all the time. We had +30C […]

1st of July – Time to be me

It is the first day of the second half of the year. Isn’t it? For me it is! What have I done till now… well – good question! Can’t answer that at the moment cause it feels like everything is just about to start NOW! It’s time to be ME! Not mom, nor housewife… but ME! I’m opening Graphic Design […]

Oh, what a surprise!

Yesterday we were in Smiltene & Valmiera. We went to the choir show to meet two friends – Mario and Nora. Mario is a friend of a youth day and Nora too! Nora was singing in the choir near to us so we can’t miss the opportunity to meet! After the show, we came to our place to celebrate and I was […]

Not the Honey cake, Honey!

Sorry to those who waited for the honey cake recipe from Helmī birthday! This is better than honey cake! “What’s that!?!” with the surprised face I asked Janis… “Bicycle!” “That I understand, but why it’s there!? Where did you get it and why we need another bicycle!?… Tricycle? Or whatever that is!?” O_o “That is used electro-cycle for you!” “!!!??!??!” I […]

Heavy Rain and Playground

  So.We were in Permaculture festival and it was so hot that we can’t stand the heat and also got worried about the health of our children. Spending whole day in the sun and heat isn’t good for Northen people/children. We decide to visit my brother & co in my home town Salacgriva. We left festival at 20:00 and we […]

Daddy’s little helper: Helmī

My little girl Helmī. She is a bundle of joy and the only kid I didn’t have to worry about. She grew up by herself – I didn’t have to sit near her and entertain her like I had to do with Nelle and Linna. She ate well and grow strong. Maybe that was because she is the third and […]