Daddy’s little helper: Helmī

My little girl Helmī. She is a bundle of joy and the only kid I didn’t have to worry about. She grew up by herself – I didn’t have to sit near her and entertain her like I had to do with Nelle and Linna. She ate well and grow strong. Maybe that was because she is the third and I’m more experienced and grounded. She is the youngest but very clever for her age. She walks, she talks and she entertains herself. One day I hear her saying “1, 2, 3″… She isn’t 2 years old and counting?!


She is interested in anything that isn’t easy. When she started to crawl and climb she found the highest place to climb. Obstacles wasn’t a problem for here. She enjoyed them all and she kept climbing and crawling until reached desired “prize”. That was something terrible for me at the beginning. I’ve tried to protect her –  forbid climbing, gave here desired “prize”, change the furniture in the room to make a more safe place for her. But no… it didn’t help. I had to change myself. I have to let her grow to be her.

And she is SO persistent and goal oriented. No obstacle too big for her. She is a strong girl, she is HELMĪ. She’s daddies little helper with technics and machinery.

HM1A1317And the girl with beautiful eyes 🙂



9 thoughts on “Daddy’s little helper: Helmī

  1. She is sooo beautiful! You all are! 😉. She was likely more entertained by the activity of the older girls than you realized. And learned a lot by trying to do what they do. You are doing a great job momma!!!


  2. Oh how I remember those days when my daughter was a climber. Scary? Yes but she learned to save herself from harm and developed a sense of independence that cannot be taught. Good luck keeping your heart from jumping every time you find your little sweetheart on top of something. What an adventure for you and Helmi!

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  3. Missed this in August as I was travelling. I love the little pointers at the bottom of posts which take us back to posts we might have missed. So today (6 Jan 2018) I was reading about Linna and here I am with Helmī. Always a delight reading about any of the girls or the family.

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