Spoon lamp idea!

I got this idea since I started the DIY: Kitchen unit project.


IDEA: Make kitchen lamp shade from spoons or other kitchen related items. After spending hours by generating ideas in my head I quit doing that. Drive to the shop and check the prices of spoons. And I mean really cheap spoons – Made in China.


I found 12 spoons for 1.89 euro! Bargain! Made in China of course and if I wanted to use them “as spoons” I would be rather upset. Terrible quality and material! But for my bright idea – perfect!


So – went back home and this is what I end up… and “Yes!” I had “Edison” bulb at home. I like how it turned out. Now I need to find the solution how to fix spoons in place.Β That black tape is temporary … or not!?:) The cheapest light bulb socket is plastic and spoons are metal.Β  I used hot glue, cause it fills up all the spaces between spoons and socket. But it won’t glue metal very well.

Any other suggestions!?



37 thoughts on “Spoon lamp idea!

    1. I love that Edison looking bulb too! I hope to make 5 such lamps for my “new” (doesn’t feel new anymore) / “unfinished” (yup, still couldn’t start) kitchen!


  1. The filler used to repair car panels should work. It will certainly stick well to metal and plastic. Of course the β€˜sticky’ component is two part epoxy but that alone would be too costly to fill the spaces. You must have car panel filler paste in Latvia I think

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